Michael Kastenbaum offers workshops, programs and educational resources (on-line and on-site) primarily to youth on storytelling and filmmaking as an effective tool for advocacy and social justice.

Michael directs and produces inspiring media affirming peace and global responsibility.  Michael documents remarkable community leaders all over the world taking action.

As a freelance Director/Producer, Michael has made over 250 advocacy and promotional shorts focused on the socially meaningful work of non-profits and the planet-friendly work/products of social entrepreneurs.

Michael runs workshops and presentations on Storytelling and Filmmaking:

  • Calls-To-Action – Media as a tool for advocacy and social justice,
  • Get it Done – Using simple, accessible resources and equipment,
  • Social Media Matters – Documenting remarkable, meaningful stories,
  • Micro-budget – How-To be a one-man-band (on the cheap).

As a freelance Director/Videographer Michael has worked in numerous disasters and hot-spots including Haiti and Nepal (Earthquakes), Burma (Cyclone Nargis), the USA (Katrina, Sandy), Ethiopia, Uganda, Sudan, Kenya, etc.  ‘Despite tragic circumstances, Michael focuses his stories on what is possible, on people who make things better, on solutions.’ Dr. Tom Martin – ‘Medical Teams International’.

Michael is Founder/Director of Ripple Big 501(c)3:
*The worlds’ storytellers documenting community leaders focused on improving lives.
*Open-source platform, and collective for ‘good’ news & positive human interest stories.
*Educational center focused on filmmaking as a tool for advocacy and social justice.

Michael has Produced or Executive Produced over 40 independent feature films.

Passenger C – (‘Can’t Miss!’ Hollywood Reporter,’ ‘Brilliant…’ Go Indy Now, ‘Gripping, tense and powerful!’ CineQuest Film Festival, ‘…a wonderful film’ Oldenburg Film Festival

As Visionbox Pictures Co-Founder, Michael Produced or Exec. Produced numerous movies.

Charlotte Sometimes – IFP Spirit nominee (“fascinating, illuminating” Roger Ebert).  Falling Like This (“Stunning” Filmmaker).

As Founder & Producer at ZERO Pictures, Michael provided educational and resource support on 15 feature films.  ZERO made movies with simple logistics, readily available resources, focusing on ideas & character.

Welcome Says The Angel (“A wonder for $17,000… A winner!” L.A. Times).   The Invisibles – Sundance Festival Premier ( “A Jewel” Filmmaker).
Dogstar (“Amazing” Rave).
The Wooden Gun (“…a whole lotta movie for $8,000” New Times).

As Founder of Brothers’ Kastenbaum, Michael Produced numerous low budget genre feature films with bold and distinct filmmakers as Martin Donavan, James Merindino, Donald Cammel and Beeaje Quick.

Cinefantastique named The Girl With The Hungry Eyes “The Best Horror Film of 1995.”

Michael gets more bang for the buck than any producer I know.                                      Cassian Elwes (Producer Mudbound, Dallas Buyers Club)

As Production Executive at Epic Pictures, Michael developed and supervised numerous productions including:  Bad Influence (Director Curtis Hanson), Men at Work (Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen), Double Impact (JC Van Damme), Leather Jackets (Cary Elwes)

Prior to producing movies, Michael worked in all areas of production: Line-Producer, Production Manager, Assistant Director, Grip, Production Assistant, Actor.


Ripple Big (Stories and Action – A World Transformed)

Conscious Action Network (Open-Platform Source for ‘Good’ News – Ongoing)

Visionbox Pictures (Production Services and Digital Consulting – 2001-2002)

Zero Pictures (Film Laboratory Collaborative – 1995-1999)

Brothers Kastenbaum (Feature Film Company – 1990-1995)

*See list (toward bottom of page) of Feature Films made by Brothers Kastenbaum –
*View Trailers by clicking on ‘Features (Trailers)’ above –

Short Form (2002 – Ongoing)

*See samples by clicking on the ‘Movies’ tabs above –

Advocacy Movies – Non-Profit Organizations

Humane Farming Association (2015)
Tibetan Cultural Center (2015)
UNICEF (2015)
International Medical Corps (2015)
Nepal Orthopedic Hospital (2015)
Thrangu Rinpoche Organization (2015)
First Things Foundation (2014)
Save Buffalo Bayou (2014)
Water Works (2014)
Life Academy (2014)
Life Options (2014)
K.C.C.O. (2013)
Village Reach (2013)
London Clinic (2013)
SEVA (2013)
Vitamin Angels (2013)
Art Pilgrims (2013)
International Rescue Committee (2013)
I Learn Life (2012)
One Island (2012)
Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies (2012)
Greenway Stoves (2012)
Phantom Pain (2012)
Enat Alem – Orphanage (2012)
Debate Return (2011)
Youth Empowerment USA (2011)
Catalyst Miami (2011)
Street-Dog Care (2011)
Animal Aid (2011)
Design Revolution (2011)
Brilliance (2011)
Sister Francis (2011)
Gala IMC (2011)
Bike Depot (2010)
Earthquake Is (2010)
Earth-Shakes (2010)
Light-Darkness (2010)
UCare (2010)
Project Medishare (2010)
Prefund Preschool (2009)
Kibbutz Lotan (2008)
Power of Spin (2007)
Global Awakening – Bali Institute (2007)
Theosophy Conference (2007)
Next Step Leaders (2007)
Resonance (2007)
Potrero (2007)
Walk Across the World (2007)
Interspecies Cohort (2007)
PeaceXpeace (2006)
Sirius – Raising our Consciousness (2006)
Living Wellness (2005)
Sacred Gala (2005)
Rosebud – (2005)
Animal Rights Gathering (2005)
World Festival of Sacred Music (2005)
Marcus Dixon – Truth (2004)
Nuisance Alley (2003)

Promotional Movies – Businesses, Products (Pro-Social)

Ashtanga Yoga Therapy (2015)
Wild Dolphin Swims Hawaii (2015)
Deer2Peer (2015)
4 Harpists (2015)
Social Entpreneurs (2015)
Health Payer Consortium (2015)
Green Sapling (2014)
The Farm (2014)
NuMoVi (2014)
Healthwise (2014)
Mar Vista Market (2014)
Nicole’s Cooking Show (2014)
Mantra (2014)
Heathee (2014)
Feel Good Desserts (2013)
Ginger Cakettes (2013)
Mountain View Hotel (2013)
Vision (2013)
Gigi at The Farm (2013)
Heron Portico Hotel (2013)
N.A.E.T – Treating Autism (2012)
Yurts of Hawaii (2012)
Yoga for Anti-Aging (2012)
Open Source (2012)
Sustainatopia Conference (2012)
SOSEE – Orphanage (2011)
Summertime Travel (2011)
eTukTuk (2011)
Galaxy Energy (2011)
BSM (2011)
Stockton Inn (2011)
Bucks River Country (2011)
Urban Green (2011)
Goldstar Honey Bees (2011)
Inn at Bath (2011)
Toats (2011)
re (2011)
Sunshine Burgers (2011)
Kobido (2011)
Spoiled Mama (2011)
Aromabreeze (2011)
K9 Pet Food (2011)
Ebike (2010)
Teeccino (2010)
Chopstick Art (2009)
Privateer (2007)
Jacob Miller (2007)
A Taste of Australia (2007)
Hotel Otai (2006)
Deep Blue Marine (2006)
Treasure Hunt (2006)
Travels with Truman (2006)
Atmosphere Spa (2006)
Lipglosz (2005)
Kinkymalinki (2005)
BIOTA Spring Water (2005)
Faryl Robin Shoes (2005)
Atmosphere Spa (2005)
Miwa Salon (2002)
Heavensent Nutritional (2002)

Conferences, Trade-Shows, Events, Workshops, Artists, Tutorials, Weddings, Etc.

Art In Process (2015)
Catherine Earle – Painting Demo (2015)
Shawna and Stewart – Wedding (2015)
Lawrence Jones Attorney – Educational Videos (2015)
Fairy Kingdom (2014)
Greenfest Expo LA (2013)
Hiroshi (2012)
Jacob Teitelbaum MD (2012)
Real Cause, Real Cure (2012)
From Fatigue to Fantastic (2012)
eCarTec Exp (2011)
Pet-Show Expo (2011)
Eco-Home Expo (2011)
Spa-Buzz Expo (2011)
Funk-Fashion Miami (2011)
Sustainatopia Conference (2011)
Top Bar Hive (2011)
Bernie at 90 (2010)
Science Fair DC (2010)
MarVista Market (2010)
Makers Fair (2009)
E Car Expo (2009)
Monty Roberts – Training (2008)
World Championship RPG (2008)
ILF (2008)
Language Sculpting (2006)
African Music Festival (2006)
The New Group (2005)
Best New Talent Awards Show (2004)
Music Videos, Concerts

Mystic 703 (2011)
Neverdie (2008)
Cheri (2008)
Inner Circle (2006)
Sacred Festival (2006)
Nile Concert (2006)
I Like Mike (2006)
Jackson Brown and Friends (2005)
HEY DJ Premier (2005)
This is Hip Hop – Will B (2005)
Sheyi (2005)
Super-Rap (2005)
Chef Tani (2004)
Joe Sample and Friends (2004)
Hey DJ (2004)
Laura Pausini (2004)
Night and Day (2003)
Too Darn Hot (2003)
AMC Style Orchestra (2003)

Pilots and Teasers – Television

NeverDie (2011)
Spiritually Incorrect (2010)
Heroes of Commerce (2008)
Thich Nhat Hanh (2008)
Million Dollar Sailfish (2007)
Sacred Healing – Easter Island (2006)
Alternative Healing – in the East (2005)
The Londons (2005)
Peruvian Discoveries (2004)
Silver Island (2003)

Narrative, Thematic, Conceptual, Poetic, Abstract

Power of Culture (2005)
BSI Café (2005)
Voltair in Belesbat (2005)
Living in Machine (2005)
The Gift (2004))
Via Appia (2003)
Encounter (2003)
Duke Café (2003)
The Lesson (2003)
Transformation (2002)

Director – Feature Films 

Pirate Camp (2007)
The Wooden Gun (1999)

Producer – Feature Films (1990 – 2002)

Charlotte Sometimes (Executive Producer)
Island of Mirrors (Executive Producer)
Falling Like This (Executive Producer)
Malibu Eyes (Executive Producer)
Revolution (Executive Producer)
Teddy Bears’ Picnic
Sunday Morning
Is That All there Is
Phoenix Point
Self Storage
Lucinda’s Spell
Prometheus Bound
The Invisibles
Mic and the Claw
Hero, Lover, Fool
Red Lipstick
Hard Drive
The Girl with the Hungry Eyes
Welcome Says The Angel
Almost Pregnant
Mad At The Moon

Producer – Short-Form (Partial List)

Private Eyes (Documentary)
Laura Pausini (Music Video)
Comics on Campus (Comedy Special)
Sleepwalker (Narrative)
Moonlight Resurrection (Narrative)
Metropolis Apocolypse (Narrative)

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