In you, your life, is a story…

What I do as a freelance filmmaker and teacher (since 2002):

*Direct, Produce, Shoot advocacy & fundraising movies for non-profit organizations,
*Direct, Produce, Shoot promotional movies for pro-social companies and products,
*Direct, Produce media for conferences, trade-shows, concerts and other pro-social events,
*Teach storytelling and filmmaking as a tool for advocacy and social justice,

What I do thru my non-profit Ripple Big 501(c)(3) – click on tab above:

*Direct, Produce movies for charities funded by corporations and philanthropists,
*Direct, Produce movies funded directly by charities,
*Direct, Produce movies of community leaders (‘Local Heroes’) funded by Ripple Big,
*Enable people to discover & support the Local Heroes sustainable projects,
*Teach staff at non-profits to make compelling movies with simple resources & equipment,

In 2000, I co-founded Visionbox Pictures (visionboxmedia.com), and while producing feature films started directing short-form advocacy and promotional content.

In 1997, I founded Zero Pictures (zeropictures.com), a filmmakers’ lab  pioneering a free-form, process-driven approach to micro-budget movies.

In the 90s, I produced about 30 feature films (directed 3), and worked at film companies in development and as an executive.

In the 80s, I worked numerous movie and TV production jobs and was a part-time teacher after graduating Northwestern University.

If each day I learn something, help or inspire someone, and laugh – life is great.

To know my work (and me) visit the pages herein, google me, ask people, and contact me.

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