Conscious Action Network 501(c)3


Movies Funded In-House

We Produce Inspiring Movies of ChangeMakers – from a World of Filmmakers.
We Give Movies to Grassroots Organizations – for their Messaging and Fundraising.
We Connect ChangeMakers with Donors – with 100% Transparency and Accountability.
We Build Thriving Communities – Supporting the ChangeMakers’ Sustainable Projects.

People all over the world face great challenges working to improve lives.
Meet these Inspiring ‘ChangeMakers’. Experience their Remarkable Stories.

ChangeMakers (Stories of Light)

Sample Movies from hundreds of Stories (Do not share or download please):

With Filmmaker as Narrator/Host

We fund such movies internally with targeted or non-discretionary donations.

Tax Deductable

Funds for such budgets are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) entity.                                 Charities benefit by not having to ‘expense’ the movie (impacting their rating).

Sale/Licensing of Movies, Edits, Source Material (including Stock)

We typically maintain ownership of the source material of our Movies.

We have an immense Stock Library of Places, People, Actions, Moments.

All proceeds are used to support non-profits and grassroots activists.
Licensing fees are Tax Deductible if used by your non-profit.

Workshops and Presentations (for non-profit organizations)

Creating content for social media marketing and fundraising is essential to charities.

We teach non-profit organizations how to make movies!
We have produced hundreds of movies all over the world (including disasters)!


* Storytelling & filmmaking as a tool for advocacy and social justice.
* Making effective movies with simple resources and equipment (in challenging locations).
* Making effective movies for social media campaigns.
* A storyteller’s perspective on the social value and impact of aid and aid-workers.

Learn how to tell stories to fit your organization’s mission, programs and projects.
Learn about the equipment and resources (readily available) to yield great results.
Learn about the logistics (simple and elaborate) of making movies.

Our presentations range from 20 minutes to 2 hours.
Our Workshops range from 3 hours to 3 days.

Special Packages to Charities (Movies and Marketing)

We offer discounted Packages to non-profits (and a Free Workshop).

Conscious Action Network (CAN)

An Open-Source Platform and Collective for ‘Good’ News (Ongoing)


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